Does Root canal really save the teeth?

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The teeth is one of the most important parts of the digestive system. It makes digestion easier and food consumption more appealing and desirable. Nevertheless, there are times wherein plaque and tartar accumulation destroys some of its important structures thus the need for dental treatment like root canal. But before we understand the process of root canal treatment, it is best to understand a bit of our tooth’s anatomy.

Four Tissues of the Tooth

The pulp is the inner soft tissue of the teeth which protected by several layers including the dentin, the enamel and the cementum

The enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth which protects the pulp. It is very durable and is responsible for protecting the tooth from wear and tear due to chewing.

The dentin is the protective layer which supports the teeth’s enamel. It is a yellow bone-like structure which is softer than the enamel but carries important nerve fibers which sends signals to the brain in case something is going wrong inside your tooth.

The Cementum

This serves as the roots protective covering. It is responsible for attaching the tooth into the bones of the jaw.

Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a popular dental treatment for individuals who underwent removal of inflamed or damaged tissues inside the tooth. This is perfect for any who wish to fill and seal the remaining spaces of their tooth due to dental caries, plaque and tartar accumulation. In this way, the entire tooth is saved and the individual can once again enjoy the eating the foods that he or she likes.

Common Myths Associated with Root Canal Treatment

There are several misconceptions with root canal treatment thus many avoid this kind of treatment. Some are as follow:


Others avoid considering the option for root canal treatment because of the belief that the procedure is too painful to endure. But this claim has no basis instead root canal treatment helps alleviate the pain caused by infected pulp, broken teeth or slow dying nerves. Nevertheless, this may have been a result of previous methods applied by earlier dentists where anesthetic are not yet available. But with new medical advancements, root canal treatment can be as painless as you wish it to be.

Too Long

Those who have a very busy schedule avoid entertaining this option because of the misconception that it requires several dental visits. Nevertheless, root canal treatment can actually be completed in just two appointments. The first appointment is to evaluate the tooth’s condition and the second appointment is the actual root canal treatment.

Doesn’t last long

Some have the idea that root canal treatment will not last for a very long time thus it is not a very good investment to make. But the truth behind this myth is associated with tooth breakage and not the root canal treatment. At times, the tooth becomes too brittle and if the person is not too cautious with his or her chewing may force it to grind or chew heavily than it can handle causing it to break.

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