Do Women or Men prefer Cosmetic Dentistry

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The demand for cosmetic dentistry treatments have increased over the past year. This has given cosmetic dentistry a boost in their yearly revenue thanks to their in-demand services like teeth whitening, dental veneer, dental bonding, crowns as well as bridges.

The future of cosmetic dentistry remains bright as it gives hope to more and more individuals who suffer from teeth and gum problems. Dentists and researchers continue to improve their craft in hope of giving more convenience, quality yet affordable service to their clients.

In the past, individuals will shy away from cosmetic dentistry treatments because of the high cost of these types of services but nowadays, thanks to dental insurances you can take advantages of these cosmetic dentistry treatments at a discounted rate. You need not be very rich in order to attain a Hollywood smile. You simply need to look for the perfect dentist who will cater to your needs according to your finances.

Senior Citizens top the list of those who embraced the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. In the survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 51% of cosmetic dentistry patients are men and women aged 41 to 60 years of age and gave cosmetic dentistry revenue of approximately $383 million in the year 2006 alone. This is composed of treatment like dental bonding for both posterior and anterior teeth, veneers, dental inlays and dental onlay as well as dental implants.

In terms of gender, AACD gathered data the following data: one third of their patients who requested for cosmetic dentistry treatments are male while the remaining two thirds are female. But does this entail that women prefer cosmetic dentistry compared to men?

There are many reasons why cosmetic dentists have more female patients in comparison to male. First and foremost, the global population is mostly composed of female member rather than male. So it is not surprising if they will have more female customers. Another factor to consider is the natural desire of most women to remain looking young and beautiful which can easily be obtained through cosmetic dentistry.

Women are more conscious of their physical appearance in comparison to men. But this is not the only reason why women undergo cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry not only aims to give back your youthful smile and features but it also helps you enjoy the food that you like. Loss teeth, cracked teeth, sensitive teeth and damaged gums hinder your chance to enjoy pleasurable meals. But with cosmetic dentistry, you have a chance to say goodbye to this problems while enjoying a beautiful set of smile.

Men on the other hand undergo cosmetic dentistry for several reasons. Primary, they do need to improve their confidence and the easiest way to achieve this is to have perfect set of teeth that can be flashed to their business partners and friends. Professionals with perfect set of teeth have more chances to close a business transaction rather than that with a less inviting smile. For business and social purposes, men do realize the need to have good set of white teeth so they engage in cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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